Globally, 1 million babies every year die due to complications of prematurity like low body temperature.

While Uganda ranks 28th worldwide in preterm deaths with 13 babies dying per 1000 live births, many premature and low birth babies continue to lack the adaptive functions and are susceptible to hypothermia. Current Kangaroo Maternal Care basic is not well adhered to and doesn’t monitor vitals of the neonate

A diverse 11 man team of medical professionals, business minds ,a biomedical engineer and programmers are developing a neo-jacket that is supposed to be wrapped around the bay and, worn by the mother that provides warmth and monitors the temperature of a preterm baby.

Kangaroo+ will extend the quality of neonatal health from the hospital setting to impact in community. The jackets allow for mothers to take care of their vulnerable babies in the comfort of their homes while being remotely monitored

As of today, the code-named ‘Kangaroo+‘ team were the grand winners of CAMTech Hackathon 2017 on neonatal and maternal health, wining a Prize money of $750.

About four months back, Prosper Ahimbisibwe Team lead lost a baby niece in Kanungu who had been born at 32 weeks. Due to its small size and lack of subcutaneous fat, it passed away and today’s he can’t call himself a proud Uncle

The challenges to Kangaroo+ according to Prosper, have been with getting right materials for the jacket and space to further the prototype to commercialization

We are open to any donation and grants that will further the health of preterm babies across Africa – Prosper adds

Technology in Uganda is being driven by the imagination and passions of the young and creative in Uganda as they set out to impact the world around them. However a multi-sectorial approach is needed to create a supportive ecosystem for these innovative ideas to sprout out, grow and thrive into viable business products, Prosper concludes.