Yiya solutions empower the poor high school students living in post-conflict Northern Uganda to view themselves as engineers who have the knowledge and skills to design and build technologies that solve community problems. The engineering curriculum delivered is in accordance with the Ugandan national high school syllabus.

Young people in post-conflict Northern Uganda live in extreme poverty. They lack access to quality education, receive little support for the development of life skills, and have high unemployment rates (currently at 83%). These factors often drive them to income generation with negative impacts on their communities, such as prostitution, theft, or home-brewed alcohol. Yiya uses engineering to empower youth to create positive change by applying school knowledge to solve urgent community problems.

Yiya will train 30 teachers and support them to teach 2 engineering units to 240 students in 6 high schools. The units will be taught in Terms 1 & 2, culminating in a Term 3 showcase where students and teachers will share their technologies with the wider community.

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