The CAMTech Accelerator Program (CAP) is an initiative on the CAMTech Innovation Platform (CIP) that provides CIP users with robust support for early-stage global health technologies focused on improving health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries. In addition to the existing expertise and resources provided through the CIP, each selected team will receive the following additional support to accelerate the path to commercialization.

CAMTech selected three teams through a formal application process. The Three projects will now have the opportunity to share $10,000 USD each in funding, virtual CAP support, and incubation support within the CAMTech Uganda Co Creation Lab over the period of one year.

The winners of CamTech’s First Accelerator Program in Uganda are; iDrain, MobiCare and VeinLocator.

iDrain is an improved chest drainage system that removes the pleural accumulation of patients.

MobiCare is a mobile application that will enable people to contact and consult health workers of their choice and location. The application will link the user directly to a health worker for medical consultation, advice and appointment scheduling.

VeinLocator is a portable non-invasive medical device designed to help clinicians easily locate veins in patients.