It’s 2018, and Ugandans are still struggling with access to energy. While the Government of Uganda has pursued a cautious expansionary fiscal policy stance to support key infrastructure projects in energy, there’s a clear need for universal access as part of vision 2040.

Overall budget deficit was slightly high in 2016, improved in 2017, and is projected to increase in 2018 and 2019. The balance of payments deteriorated, mainly as the result of external economic headwinds, including low commodity prices due to slow growth in Europe and China and tightening global financial and monetary conditions.

With the rise of Off-Grid Tech startups in Uganda, should we expect change?

While M-Kopa and SolarNOW to have been leading the way, many seem to join the footsteps. Izana is not in anyway different from these big players.

On a path to create an avenue for easy access of sustainable in Uganda focusing on rural homes, Izana officially launched to reduce environmental degradation for fuel and reducing constant expenditure on fuel like charcoal.

At the moment, Izana a team of professionals is working to maximise little profits to expand the business, and make sure the suppliers supply at a subsidize price in a bid to achieve their goal.

According to the founder Davis Mpairwe, Izana is facing competition from well established and bigger companies offering the same kind of products and are also lacking enough funds to expand territories like more branches in other districts.

Davis adds that, 30% of rural homes in great Ankole region are aware of the product and constantly employing more youth. They have so far employed 20 of them and 10% of the rural homes are using the product and on average 5 homes get the product on a monthly level.

He was inspired by the father who is a retired technician for all types of light weight home appliances. As someone who never went far in terms of education according the Davis, the father has managed to set up a workshop after attaining some little technical training in 1971 and became the best in that field.

His wish was to serve the society to the best of his capacity using technology only if he had gone far with studies. Davis is trying to make his dream a reality through using solar technology.