Late last year, the Government of Uganda launched the National ICT Initiatives Support Programme (NIISP) to help facilitate the creation of an ICT Innovation ecosystem and marketplace for Ugandan innovative digital products.

It all kicked off with a groundbreaking for an ultra-modern sh6b ICT Innovations’ Hub based in Nakawa, which was later followed up by an announcement from The ICT minister where he constituted a panel of eminent experts, who will review the proposals for innovations from time-to-time and recommend the deserving ones for support.

The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance received an initial 340 entries from prospective innovators from whom 40 made it to the penultimate stages of selection and, a final selection of 12 startups. The selected startups were believed to have proposals that met the criteria and, will get support in form of cash, office space, internet connectivity, business mentorship and talent development as will be deemed appropriate.

Through the ICT Hub, the Government will link innovators with researchers and entrepreneurs to ensure that their ICT applications are in sync with market dynamics. This approach is proven, having been central to the models for developing innovations in IT equipment and services in countries like India, China, Mauritius and Malaysia.

The Selected Innovations are;

Academic Information Management System

AIMS is an Integrated Educational management system that automates all the business processes by managing admission, billing and payments, programs and curriculum, payments, human resource and other aspects of the education.

The system is integrated and allows for data sharing with other applications to run their processes based on the information needed to perform the functions uniform to all other data forms. AIMS target market includes universities, tertiary institutions, primary and secondary schools


The EnerGrow platform aims at increasing the efficient use of energy through business training, financial literacy and access to finance through an innovative data-driven financing platform, leveraging data collection through a digital ID and making potential customers attractive to traditional financial institutions, for acquisition of loans. EnerGrow is primarily targeting Ugandans aged between 18-35 who are eager to get into business.

Dero Energy

Dero is an innovation that applies the use of latent power to provide off-grid renewable energy solutions. The innovation aims at providing an alternative source of energy by exploring localized off-grid solutions. Dero aims at reaching 20MW of installations in Uganda on the commercial segment. Dero targets medium sized commercial corporations and institutions

Wulira App

Wulira is a simple but sophisticated android mobile application that is used to assess hearing loss in at-risk patients and provide immediate reporting on results. The application is programmed to transmit a specific sound to test subjects and gives the patient an immediate diagnosis and recommendation. The resulting analysis is documented and can be shared with an audiologist for further observation. Wulira’s target includes patients on ototoxic drugs, anti-cancer drugs, Tuberculosis and HIV patients. It also helps the elderly who acquire age-related hearing loss and can enable parents detect any hearing defects in children early enough to find remedies for them

6th Sense

This innovation is a Sign Language to Speech Translator aimed at facilitating communication between a deaf person who uses sign language with another person that does not understand sign language.

This innovation facilitates this through the use of a portable glove that captures hand gestures and translates them into sound (or voice output). Using low cost sensors, the glove captures finger and hand movements and transmits them over a Bluetooth link to a mobile phone application that translates them into voice and/or text output. Primary target for 6th sense is the deaf community of Uganda


KiCare is a non-invasive hardware and software technology that tests for Kidney functionality non-invasively, hence a blood sample is not required to perform the kidney functionality test.

The system runs on both hardware which performs the creatinine blood test, use the obtained creatinine value to compute the estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) and send the results to a web based system for storage purposes, viewing the test results, making updates, printing and generating reports of previously made test results.


Ocular is a Point-of-Care diagnostic tool for microscopically diagnosed diseases including malaria, tuberculosis, intestinal parasites and related illnesses like blood anemia.

Ocular works through a prototype smartphone based diagnostic tool – which we have custom-developed and successfully tested – that is able to attach to a microscope and process the image of a sample slide from the microscope eye piece.  Primary benefactors include laboratories and health centers

Blood Donation System

Blood Up is a blood Donation system provides a link between blood donors and centers through the use of a mobile application aimed at increasing access to blood when required.

The mobile application is installed on smartphones and notifies eligible donors in cases of urgent blood donation calls. It also enables users to search for the nearest or most convenient blood centers and helps establish a blood donation community. This application targets pregnant women, accident victims, frequent blood donors, health and research organisations, Ministry of health, and all health centers countrywide


Xente is an award-winning online payments platform that enables cashless consumer to business transactions. The application supports multiple platforms including feature phones, smartphones, desktop, point of sale and get paid via mobile money, bank cards (Visa, Mastercard), bitcoin and vouchers

Xente’s target includes: consumers – provision of flexible payment option, & businesses – ability to sale to the global base and get paid locally


M-Farmer software is designed to extend the benefits of technology to provide services to agriculture stakeholders. These include improved record keeping, increased efficiency of operations hence ensuring the ability to make informed decisions by use of a basic mobile phone or computer.

Farmers also benefit from added services like electronic payments, weather forecasts, extension services and micro-credit services that can be easily linked with existing accounting system of the farmer organisation. M-Farmer targets cooperatives or producer & farmer organisations

Protecting Infants Remotely by SMS

PRISMS is a low-cost SMS-based platform that helps frontline health workers to effectively provide newborn care clinical management through provision of instant clinical care decisions based on routine assessment findings.

Health workers simply input routine newborn clinical assessment findings into PRISMS and send these findings by SMS to a server. The findings are processed and thereafter a text message is sent to the health worker with suggestions, in less than 30 seconds. PRISMS target is frontline health worker dealing with newborn care

IT Enabled Services – Munu Technologies

IT services including data storage (data entry, processing & conversion), infrastructure as a service (virtual private networks & data center space), IT support (including analytics, cloud services, ERP support services) and contact Center managed by team of professionals.