YASA, is a startup in Uganda that has developed sustainable and affordable alternative energy solutions for rural communities.

YASA is a local Luganda word that means “Lighting” and they’re taking a new approach to addressing the scourge of the energy poverty. Their quantum energy (QE) generator is fuel-less generator. It’s a resonant generator, its rotor and stator poles are of reluctance generator construction. It derives its power from the resonant condition in its LC tank circuit to power loads.

The Founder, David Opio has been invited by Fledge to showcase his locally developed QE generator that doesn’t use any kind of fuel or diesel to produce energy, with the current version having a capability of producing between 12KW to 50KW – about 12,000 Watts and 50,000Watts respectively which is used for a mini-grid.

Fledge will reach out to the Fledge investors, Seattle Impact Investing Group, E8 Angels (cleantech), Global Partnerships, and other investors with a history of investing in Africa. They will also reach out to the Washington Cleantech Alliance, the local organizers of the CleanTech Open, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the University of Washington, and Vulcan, all with a history of research in renewable energy.

They will also try and find if there is a relevant group within the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which all be towards supporting Yasa Uganda.

Established in 2012, thousands of entrepreneurs from over 150 countries have applied to be part of this program, and only 81 to-date have been invited to participate. That is an acceptance rate of less than 2% making Fledge as exclusive as Harvard, Stanford, or other highly-acclaimed business schools.

They have worked with entrepreneurs from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, China, Singapore, the Philippines, the Republic of Georgia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Canada.

David first attended the program back in 2015 when he was still working on his first startup Ensibuuko. The program will take place in Seattle during the week of September, from 4th and is expected to be no later than the week of September 25th.