The Next Einstein Forum’s (NEF) Africa Science Week (ASW), which is Africa’s annual weeklong celebration of science and technology with thousands of individuals from students, to scientists to technologists actively engaging in coordinated science events across the continent throughout September, October and December 2018

In Uganda, specific activities have been taking place since the beginning of this week. Among the already concluded activities are Scientist Spotlight features, Women in Science Forum, Rotaract Professional Leadership Development Fellowship, Science In Uganda and today, there will be a networking cocktail for top scientists, technologists, engineers and policy makers over critical conversations on harnessing emerging technology and scientific research for the development of Uganda that will be held at Hive Colab

On Friday, September 27th, a dialogue on innovation for the 21st Century and opportunities for African Scientists, with university student and guild leadership will be held at the Leadership Innovation Centre, and the Africa Science Week will be concluded with an evening of experiential science and science-themed movie screening with the children of Kabale town in Southwestern Uganda on Saturday, 28th.

All these activities are designed to enable citizens to engage with everyday science and scientists over three to five days.

In an event held at Andela Uganda Offices, an interactive conversation on mentoring as a tool for bridging the gender divide in science which was followed by an Awards Ceremony for phenomenal Women Scientists in Uganda.

Technology, Youth and Innovation advocate at UNICEF, Lorna Maria Aine, was named a Rising Star in STEM

Notably, Lorna is a passion-driven technology leader who seeks to empower communities with the necessary skills to compete favorably in a digital world. She believes in growing of tech talent across Africa as a solution to rampant youth unemployment and a contribution to better the next million creators for the next billion users

Lorna’s work spans from capacity building to mentoring young people to take on a tech career. She has worked with a number of tech communities ranging from GDGs, Andela Learning Community, DataLadies among others. She contributes to initiatives like Women in Science, Technovation and STEM Camp Uganda.

Betty Kituyi was awarded the Phenomenal Mentor for Girls in STEM.

A Chemistry teacher by training, Betty has been passionate about science from the moment she entered the science lab. As the only girl in a classroom full of boys, she overcame significant odds to retain the passion and desire for sciences. She’s incredibly passionate about helping students learn science better

Between 2010 and 2017, Betty brought the fun and love for science to thousands of children through Café Scientifique, a progam which brings science experts to various schools around Uganda to talk about the kind of science that doesn’t appear in classrooms. Subjects like piloting and aeronautics, astronomy, nanotechnology and robotics were discussed in dozens of schools because of Betty’s work. More students acquired more knowledge and made strong career decisions due to Betty’s influence

Additionally, since 2012, Betty has been a part of the Fundi Bots team, which is transforming and accelerating science learning through robotics in African classrooms. She led school outreach and eventually became the coordinator for the Eastern Uganda region. Over the past four years, she’s helped Fundi Bots grow from a small side project into an organization that’s trained, engaged and transformed the lives of more than 5,000 students.

Betty also leads government engagement and is leading conversations with Ministry of Education, NCDC, SESEMAT, etc to find new ways of integrating practical science learning back into the classroom.

And with her input, Fundi Bots will impact more than 20,000 science students by 2019. She is definitely creating the next Einsteins

Akorion’s‘s Zilla Mary Arach was another award winner of the night for her EzyAgric Solution

Zilla has founded an agtech company that digitizes the agricultural value chain to deliver better production and marketing services to farmers and other agribusinesses. Through her value chain digitization platform, EzyAgric, and her network of community-based agricultural service providers, village agents, she bridges the information and service delivery gap between farmers and agribusinesses.

Zilla has already been recognized, both locally and internationally as an outstanding innovator. Zilla was elected as Busitema University’s first female Guild president. Her company currently employs over 20 full-time employees and 460 village agents as temporary employees, who provide services to close to 60,000 smallholder farmers using information and communications technology.

She an ambassador of Women in Tech and empèserez Women through her entrepreneurial journey. Recently, Zilla’s EzyAgric was accepted into Google’s second cohort of Launchpad Accelerator, Africa and is receiving mentorship and necessary support to help build and scale her products