Yunga, a local rescue digital network for neighbors that allows them to communicate to each other in real time in case of an attack or emergences has been announced winners of the 2018 Uganda’s edition of Justice Innovation competition

At a conference held at Hotel Africana today, 10 finalists pitched their innovations to a panel of judges that consisted of Africa’s Talking’s Nicholas Kamanzi, Akili Ventures’ Dustyn Winder and The Justice Law and Order Sector’s Barbara Kitui

The 10 startups that pitched were :- Bataka Court Model, Tunga Innovations Ltd, Yunga, Via, BitShelter, JusticeBot, LegIT, Prison Officer Legal Empowerment Model, Zzimba Games, and Muchomo Moments Ltd

Before, The HiiL Justice Accelerator assessed 400 applications before coming up with a list of finalists based on this four criteria:- impact, sustainability, scalability and team. Additionally, HiiL involved external mentors to assess applications based on feasibility, social impact, and institutional roadblocks of their justice innovations

Yunga which emerged as the winning innovation will receive EUR 5,000 and gets to enter the HiiL Justice Accelerator Programme 2018/2019. The first runner up was Tunga Innovations while 2nd runners up was LegIT. Prison Officer Legal Empowerment (POLE) took home the audience vote